Brewers 5, Twins 1

June 29, 2008

Well, the streak had to end at some point. A nice run for the Twins, no doubt, but we’ll see what this team is made of this week…

Lynx 91, Liberty 69

June 26, 2008

The Lynx snapped a five-game losing streak, and I couldn’t care less…

Twins 5, Diamondbacks 3

June 24, 2008

Six in a row now for the Twinkies … longest win streak since July of 2006 for the club. Minnesota has been a fun team to watch the last week, I just hope fans take it for what its worth and don’t get too crazy with expectations. There’s still a lot of season left.

Twins 6, Diamondbacks 1

June 22, 2008

The Twins have now put up six-run innings in three of their last four games and are within 2.5 games of the White Sox in the division having won a season-high tying five straight and seven of their last eight. Enjoy it while it lasts, Minnesota fans, but I wouldn’t expect this to keep up much longer.

Look at it this way, everything that could go right has been going right for the Twins in the last week and a half or so. The starting pitching is lights out, the bullpen has done its job, and the offense has been sparked by guys like Matt Macri, Brian Buscher and Brendan Harris. I’m certainly not implying these guys don’t have talent, but right now the Twins are getting wins thanks to young and relativiely inexperienced players. Consider this last week a sneak preview of what should be expected in the next couple years as the team develops, assuming it remains relatively intact and healthy.

At some point the rollercoaster will head back down, with either the pitching or offense – or both – scuffling and leading to some losses.

Minnesota can still contend for this mediocre division, but I won’t take a run at a AL Central crown seriously unless the squad is within three or four games of first going into the final month of the season. Then all bets are off because the Twins could just as easily go on a run like they are on now or a slump like the one they were on in Chicago a couple weeks ago.

The National Post didn’t put the second run of my story out for some reason (it must have really sucked), but here’s the first go-round…

Twins 7, Diamondbacks 2

June 21, 2008

A swift 2 hours, 17 minutes for this one. Not sure what the D-backs (it always sounds like D-bags when people say that) were doing with the weird shift, but the Twins were able to take advantage with plenty of hits up the middle.

Carlos Gomez had another interesting night on the basepaths and fell when leaving the dugout to start the game, leading to plenty of comedy but no runs. Gardy and the rest of the coaches were making fun of him about it later, but at some point he’s going to need to learn how to play with his brain instead of his feet. Damn kids and their music…

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so bored at a baseball game in my life than I was on Wednesday at the Metrodome. Despite the fact it was only a two-run game heading into the bottom of the seventh, Washington’s horrible defense and both teams’ anemic offenses (two of the Twins’ three runs to that point were unearned) was nap-inducing. And its not like both pitchers were lights out.

Kevin Slowey and Jason Bergmann were doing just enough to stay out of big trouble, and facing any capable offense may have been chased from the game much sooner than they were.

Minnesota made it a laugher with eight runs against the Nats’ bullpen later, but with no one able to throw strikes even those two innings were more of a drag than exciting baseball. I’m just glad I’m not working the afternoon game today. Hopefully Arizona brings some better baseball with it this weekend.

I’m currently preparing for the start of Minnesota’s Friday game against the Diamondbacks. A guy in a St. Louis Cardinals shirt walked up to the press box and asked me if I knew what the score was from the Cubs/Sox game earlier today. It was great to ruin a St. Louis fan’s evening with the news of a Cubs win. It could’ve only been better if he worked for CDM and lived near a breached levee.

Twins 2, Nationals 1

June 18, 2008

Before I get into Tuesday night’s Twins game, it certainly was cool to see the Celtics dismantle the Lakers last night. It was especially cool to see Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett get rings. I’ve never been all that impressed with Rivers’ in-game management, but there is no denying his ability to get his team to play together and play strong defense. Throw a ridiculous amount of talent into that equation and you wind up with an NBA championship.

I remember as a kid always getting a kick out of when Michael Jordan would throw a handful of rosin at Johnny “Red” Kerr before the games. Garnett used to do the same thing in Minnesota and I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to be a target on a couple of occasions. Its a little sappy, but its kind of cool to now be able to say that an NBA champion once threw annoying white dust in my face.

As for the Twins game, one hour and 59 minutes is all it took for the Twins to pull off the victory. Delmon and Dmitri Young combined to go 0-for-6 in the battle of the brothers. After the game, Delmon’s nephews were running around the Minnesota clubhouse. The younger looking of the two – maybe 11 or 12 years old, tops – goes up to Delmon as he’s leaving and says jokingly, “Give me your keys and your ID. I’m going drinking and driving.” I’d like to say that Delmon immediately told him that the comment was in no way funny, but he just kept on walking. Perhaps he addressed it later, but I doubt it.

Anyway, here’s hoping for another sub-two hour game tonight!

You better believe this is your place to go for all the WNBA action that’s fit to print!

OK, not really. But I did cover the Lynx’s victory over San Antonio on Sunday, moving the surprising club to 6-1 and in FIRST PLACE in the Western Conference. Sure, there were more people on the most cramped press row I’ve ever encountered than there were in the seats, but you can bet there will be more fannies in the stands for the return of Lindsay Whalen to Minneapolis on Tuesday.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that Charde Houston has never lost back-to-back basketball games in her life, but maybe I’m just jealous…

The Orioles improved to 4-21 when scoring three runs or less in a game. So although their pitching staff has been getting a lot of credit this season, it can’t be THAT good.

Oh, and George Sherrill has 20 saves in Baltimore’s 29 wins. Think he can keep up that pace?

Wednesday’s game had a little bit of everything, and got it all done in two hours and 37 minutes. Gotta love that. The most interesting part might have been Joe Mauer’s two-RBI sacrifice fly, which I hadn’t seen outside a TTDEFJT softball game probably ever.