Twins 11, Nationals 2 (almost two days late)

June 20, 2008

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so bored at a baseball game in my life than I was on Wednesday at the Metrodome. Despite the fact it was only a two-run game heading into the bottom of the seventh, Washington’s horrible defense and both teams’ anemic offenses (two of the Twins’ three runs to that point were unearned) was nap-inducing. And its not like both pitchers were lights out.

Kevin Slowey and Jason Bergmann were doing just enough to stay out of big trouble, and facing any capable offense may have been chased from the game much sooner than they were.

Minnesota made it a laugher with eight runs against the Nats’ bullpen later, but with no one able to throw strikes even those two innings were more of a drag than exciting baseball. I’m just glad I’m not working the afternoon game today. Hopefully Arizona brings some better baseball with it this weekend.

I’m currently preparing for the start of Minnesota’s Friday game against the Diamondbacks. A guy in a St. Louis Cardinals shirt walked up to the press box and asked me if I knew what the score was from the Cubs/Sox game earlier today. It was great to ruin a St. Louis fan’s evening with the news of a Cubs win. It could’ve only been better if he worked for CDM and lived near a breached levee.


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