I will likely have graphs for each team throughout the offseason to chart each team’s progress throughout the season against each position, and if I do those I will post them here as well. Hope this helped!


Wild 3, Hurricanes 2

December 24, 2008

Crap. If it weren’t for the word “holding’ instead of “held” in the fifth graf, this would have been a pretty decent story. I don’t know if I did that or my editor did, but either way I’m ticked.



For those of you with Week 17 championship games, here you go…



Wild 4, Islanders 1

December 22, 2008

This is a few days late because I forgot about it this weekend, but the Wild finally won a game on Friday night after losing six straight. Minnesota would have needed to work really hard NOT to win this game, though, because the Islanders were easily the worst NHL team I’ve seen in person this season. Granted, that’s only about a third of the teams, but still…



Per usual, more detailed scoring explanation can be found on previous posts. Good luck in your championship games!



See previous posts for a more detailed explanation of scoring than what is on the sheet.


Wild 4, Blues 0

December 4, 2008

I’ve got to credit my editor on this one — this story is better than the one I turned in.




See previous posts for detailed scoring explanations…