Predators 4, Wild 3

October 29, 2009

The Wild are off to a horrid start and lost again last night at home to Nashville. At least the teams combined for seven goals to make it interesting — the came in averaging a combined 3.7 goals per game. Here’s the link to my game story:


Here are the breakdowns through seven weeks. This is also a good time for a reminder about how the stats are compiled — only the main numbers are used at each position for compiling points against averages. Quarterback rushing yards and scores are not added in, neither are wide receiver rushing yards or scores. Running back and wide receiver passing numbers are also not taken into account. This is because these are special occurances and not all teams have players they use in those ways. This allows for a basic look at how teams do against the positions specifically while not skewing the numbers one way or the other if a team were to face a heavy dose of receivers who run end arounds or have quarterbacks that sneak in touchdowns regularly.

Week 7 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Matchup of the Week Stories

October 20, 2009

I haven’t been posting these mostly because I was forgetting to, but I figured I’d go back and insert the last five weeks so you can see how my preditions have been going. Not too bad so far, although I way underestimated the Saints last week.

week 2 spotlight game

Week 3 spotlight game

Week 4 spotlight game

Week 5 spotlight game

Week 6 spotlight game

Here’s how things shake out after Week 6.

Week 6 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Here’s a look at how defenses are shaping up against specific fantasy positions after five weeks.

Week 5 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

The Vikings regained their rightful place as the worst team at defending tight ends last week, while the Broncos continue to limit fantasy quarterback points better than any team in the league. I’m starting to buy into the hype, but the true test will be against New England in Week 5.

Week 4 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns