Anthony Maggio was born a poor black child in suburban Detroit and raised a Hoosier that called Chicago home as a Northwest Indiana resident. After a brief stint in suburban Milwaukee during high school he fled to Minneapolis, where he has remained to this day. Despite taking up residence in four states and 10 cities, he has spent all but two months of his life within 15 miles of Interstate 94. Pretty exciting stuff.

As for his writing background, Maggio decided after one year of college that mechanical engineering was too easy and he needed to challenge himself by enrolling in the journalism school (the J-School, as the creative journalists call it) at the University of Minnesota. Soon thereafter he became a sports reporter at The Minnesota Daily and that is where his sports writing career began in earnest. Maggio has been published in several print and web entities and most recently spent two years covering fantasy sports for the once wonderful website Fanball.

Maggio has a wonderful girlfriend named Melissa (sorry ladies) and a black lab/wippet mix named Grace who used to be crazy but now just sleeps all day. He enjoys reading books, watching movies, talking about taking piano lessons but not actually getting around to it, exercising, and cooking.

The end.

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