Weekend Recap

February 4, 2008


First off, I’d like to thank Stensaas (bah!) for the text message on Saturday night. While watching the Minnesota Wild contest on television and seeing the Wild score to go up 3-1 in an eventual 4-1 victory, “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” could be heard being yelled in Columbus via FSN North. I was happy to hear about it, and even happier that I was the person who came to mind when it needed to be shared with someone – which reminds of a “that’s what she said” moment, which I’ll get to shortly.

Hi-five to David Tyree! After finishing the regular season with four catches for 35 and no touchdowns in 12 contests, the special-teamer caught three balls for 43 yards and a score in the Super Bowl, including this jaw-dropping dandy that pretty much saved the day for New York after Eli Manning refused to be sacked.

I just read a fantasy hoops article on a website that will remain nameless that encouraged me to pick up Al Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson, Brandon Roy and Richard Jefferson, among others, off my league’s waiver wire. That’s a great idea! I think I’ll go check my fantasy hoops teams right now and see if those guys are still available. Hopefully my league-mates didn’t get to the article first!!! I’d link to said story, but unfortunately that particular article was for PAYING customers only.

I’m standing in line at the pet store today to get Grace the dog (pictured above) her meds when I put down my coupon on the counter while I wait for the young woman in front of me to finish checking out. She sees my coupon and loudly tells the cashier to hold on a second, she thinks she has a coupon, too. After finding her coupon, she hands it to the cashier and breaths loudly, as though she just saved the building from a time bomb explosion at the last possible second. Then she looks at me with a smile and says, “glad you had that out.”


January 28, 2008

Well don’t I feel sheepish. After spending the last few years talking about how much I “hate” blogs and think they are “stupid” and “pointless,” here I go creating one of my own. But in my defense, this is more out of necessity considering the termination of my recent employment at Fanball because apparently St. Louis is much cooler and better equipped at properly running a fantasy sports company than Minneapolis. But I digress…

Truthfully, I don’t hate ALL blogs. I am more than happy to admit that I regularly check out What Would Tyler Durden Do? and With Leather, and more recently have been checking out the blogs of friends of mine like Dork Factor Prime and 2V’s Blog. The reason that I hate MOST blogs is because they are written by people I don’t know who have basically no direct connection to what they are speaking about. Why would I care about what John Q. Fan thinks the Green Bay Packers should do with their backfield next year? Oh, he watches all the games on TV and took English class in high school, huh? Sweet.

Look, I’m not knocking those who write blogs. If you enjoy doing it, have at it. I wish you nothing but the best. But I’m not going to read it. That said, why should anyone read my blog? I’m glad you asked.

No. 1: experience. This blog will lean heavily towards fantasy sports, specifically football, baseball and basketball. It’s possible you may see a hockey post, but then I’d suggest you check my temperature. When I started working at Fanball we wrote Buzz stories, which for all intents and purposes were simply long blog posts. We eventually switched it up to a blog for everyone, which I used as much as possible when not working on one of my 50 other tasks there.

No 2: access. I’ve been covering sports on a national scale since 2000 and still take on myriad assignments from the Associated Press and PA-Sportsticker, among other outlets. I am the quasi full-time Minnesota Twins writer for Sportsticker (I covered 63 of 81 home games each of the last two years) and fill in covering the Minnesota Wild for them as well. The AP has me on assignment at Twins, Wild and Timberwolves games, as well as some University of Minnesota events. In short, I not only see the games, I have access to coaches and athletes that few can boast. So my insights are not only based on what Marv Albert or Joe Buck tell me while I’m sitting on my couch, but what the coaches and athletes have to say.

No 3: creativity. I’ll admit, this is probably the weak link. There are several untrained writers out there who are witty, clever, funny, unique, etc. But the fact that I have been a writer for several years – including at Fanball, where creativity is a must – at least gives me a better shot at writing posts people can actually enjoy.

So, that’s about all I’ve got for you in terms of an introduction. I’ll do the best I can to get fresh material up regularly, but that may slow down once I am regularly employed once again. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got another group-blog in the works with former Fanball employees, so I’ll keep you posted on that if and when we get the thing organized.

Also, I am big in the horse community. That’s all for now … that’s what she said.