Royals 4, Twins 2

September 29, 2008

This is a couple of days late, so obviously we know now that the White Sox play in Detroit on Monday afternoon and need a win to force a one-game playoff with the Twins on Tuesday. Should be exciting!

Nice choke job by the Tigers on Sunday, but much credit to Grace’s favorite pitcher Boof Bonser for turning things around and the Twins’ offense for not throwing in the towel. Who thought the Twins would be in first place as late as Cinco de Mayo???


I get to put in a few nights hard labor at the Star Tribune, but will be back at the dome on Friday for the start of the Red Sox series. By then, one of my two fantasy baseball teams should be pretty close to mathematically eliminated, so maybe I’ll complain more about that, too.

First, my condolences to Eight Belles. As an honorary member of the horse community, I took the tragic loss of one of our own following the Kentucky Derby quite hard.

But hey, the Twins won…

I never said anything about posting these in a timely fashion…

Major leaguers never enjoy striking out, but I swear they get more pissed about striking out against Livan Hernandez than anyone I’ve ever seen just because of the junk he throws up there. Good times.

Hopefully the Tigers’ bullpen can actually get a few guys out tonight and keep this game under three hours…