I simply cannot find my game story anywhere. The Canadian papers all have their own peeps covering the Jays, although I did only check three of them. As for the Yes Network, they apparently have made the switch from Ticker to AP sometime in the last week or so.

I would just copy/paste, but I don’t have the story saved on this particular computer. Needless to say, I’m sure it would’ve been the greatest thing you read all day.

To summarize, Roy Halladay OK on birthday, Scott Rolen makes odd play on basepaths, but Twins screw up defensively for the second straight night ultimately leading towards their demise. Oh, and John Gibbons makes a joke about Canadiens because both Matt Stairs and Justin Morneau went yard in the first inning. He also admitted that he has no fans. Per my blog post early last week, I’m in agreement.

Unrelated note — did anyone watch the end of that Lakers/Jazz game last night? Maybe I’m just seeing things, but on Pau Gasol’s two big rebound putbacks late in the game it certainly appears he pushed off to get the board. They ended up being the nails in the coffin for the Jazz, which was disappointing despite the fact I’m not much of a Utah fan.

Feeling Blue (Jays)

May 8, 2008

I didn’t hide my disdain for Blue Jays manager John Gibbons when writing up the Blue Jays team and player profiles for a fantasy magazine I used to work for that will remain nameless prior to being laid off earlier this year, and the guy added fuel to the fire on Wednesday night.

Shaun Marcum pitched a gem through eight innings, striking out nine while allowing just one hit. It took awhile, but the Jays offense finally supplied him with a run in the seventh, then spent more than 15 minutes tacking on five runs in the eighth (it probably was closer to 25 minutes, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention while working). So Marcum, now with a 6-0 lead, nearly 100 pitches under his belt and no fewer than 15 minutes getting cold on the bench of course would call it a night. Or at least he would have if a capable manager was running the show.

But Marcum plays Gibbons, who went to the Dusty Baker school of destroying pitching arms, so there went Marcum back out for the ninth inning. Sure enough, Marcum gave up two runs on three hits after he recorded two outs in the ninth and had to be relieved.

I was no doubt more emotionally invested in this than normal because Marcum started on my fantasy club that was in the middle of one of its biggest moves up the standings this season. Regardless, I fail to see a good reason for Marcum to even be in the game at this point. What purpose could it possibly serve? Even if Marcum retires the side there like he almost did, what does that prove? Protect your pitchers’ arms!!! You’re going to need those come September!

Maybe Toronto will bring in a manager who knows that next season…