I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’m sure no one cares. I’m back to post stats after every week updating how defenses fare against specific fantasy positions. This data is calculated using standard scoring plus PPR. The first few weeks of data will fluctuate quite a bit, so don’t read too much into it. Later in the season is when this becomes more useful.

Week 1 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Good luck in your championship games!

Week 15 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Here ya go! Good luck the rest of the way (unless I’m playing against you)!

Week 14 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Week 12 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Here’s hoping your playoff chances haven’t been spoiled yet! I can still make it in three of four leagues, so I guess I should be happy…

Week 10 2009 NFL Matchup BreakdownsTurns out I had the Redskins’ road splits screwed up all season because of a formula error. It is now fixed. Thank you to ZoneBlitz for pointing out the error.


Latest spreadsheet is attached…

Week 9 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Now’s another good time for clarifications of how the spreadsheet is put together due to the Saints running back situation. The No. 1 RB is determined on a game-by-game basis based on who gets the most touches (carries + receptions). On Monday night, even though Pierre Thomas caught a score and ran one in, he finished with one touch fewer than Mike Bell, so Bell’s stats were those of the No. 1 back, while Thomas and Bush combined for three touchdowns as No. 2 backs. Hence, Atlanta’s numbers against No. 2’s got much worse, while you could argue those against the No. 1’s should’ve been impacted. However, for consistency sake I need to have some sort of ground rules, so this will have to stand as is.

Week 8 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Here are the breakdowns through seven weeks. This is also a good time for a reminder about how the stats are compiled — only the main numbers are used at each position for compiling points against averages. Quarterback rushing yards and scores are not added in, neither are wide receiver rushing yards or scores. Running back and wide receiver passing numbers are also not taken into account. This is because these are special occurances and not all teams have players they use in those ways. This allows for a basic look at how teams do against the positions specifically while not skewing the numbers one way or the other if a team were to face a heavy dose of receivers who run end arounds or have quarterbacks that sneak in touchdowns regularly.

Week 7 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Here’s how things shake out after Week 6.

Week 6 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

The Vikings regained their rightful place as the worst team at defending tight ends last week, while the Broncos continue to limit fantasy quarterback points better than any team in the league. I’m starting to buy into the hype, but the true test will be against New England in Week 5.

Week 4 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns