Royals 8, Twins 1

September 27, 2008

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire used the exact word I would have used to describe Friday’s game in general when he spoke of Francisco Liriano’s performance — clunker.

The Indians can only do the Minnesota so many favors…

Nothing like a four-hour baseball game to get some pep in your step, or nearly cause you to fall asleep behind the wheel when you have to get up early for work the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong, last night’s game was a lot of fun at the end, with three recent Rochester Red Wings ultimately contributing to the victory. And I had even money on Ron Gardenhire punching Juan Rincon in the face right there on the field when he pulled him in the 11th. The two never made eye contact or talked, just exchanged the baseball in passing as Rincon heading to the locker room to pack up his things and fly back to Venezuela. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Anyway, those pesky Twins are back at .500, Bobby Korecky is batting 1.000 and Alexi Casilla has more home runs that Joe Mauer and Delmon Young combined. What planet is this again???


Minnesota 3, Chicago 1

April 30, 2008

After a nice hiatus from the Metrodome that left me with not one, but TWO nights off last week, I was back in the saddle covering the Twins last night. Here is the link from the National Post.


In other stuff, Michael Cuddyer said that the tornadoes that ripped through Virginia missed his house by 25 or 30 miles. He did say that his father’s wife (not his mother I’m guessing) is a nurse at a hospital that was hit – not sure the name, I didn’t read about it or ask him – but she was in the opposite wing of the side that was damaged. Otherwise, no other family or friends were in the line of fire.


Going back to last week, I happened to be in the Twins clubhouse when their latest TV commercial was unveiled – a 30-second spot that has all of Minnesota’s pitchers singing their own lyrics to the tune of Ode to Joy, directed by pitching coach Rick Anderson. Manager Ron Gardenhire was later asked about the singing skills of his squad, and somewhere along the line ended up dropping a Milli Vanilli reference on the assembled media. I happened to be walking up the stairs towards the clubhouse at the same time as him a few minutes later and commended his Milli Vanilli drop. He went on to discuss how it was too bad they were lip synching because it was a catchy tune. So there you have it – Gardy enjoys himself a little Milli Vanilli on occasion. Can’t say I blame him. I blame the rain.