Texas 10, Minnesota 1

May 22, 2008

After his team had lost two straight at the Dome, Texas manager Ron Washington could finally have a sense of humor following his team’s drubbing of the Twins. Washington was ejected in the second inning after standing up for Milton Bradley, who had also been tossed after yelling what I assumed to be obscenities or “your mamma” jokes at the home plate umpire from the dugout. So what did Washington say?


“All I said was where the good restaurants were in Minnesota,” Washington said. “He said I’ve got a ballgame to call and you need to get on outta here.”


I’ve got less of a sense of humor this morning with the combination of two editing mistakes in my story and a sinus infection, but again, the editors generally bail me out when I screw something up, so I can’t get too upset. But since it is my name on the story, I’m the one who looks like an idiot. Oh well.