We are far enough along into the season that most of these numbers are useful. The road/home splits are still a bit light in data, but those are the less helpful stats anyway. The overall stats are showing some useable trends — like the fact I should’ve picked up Billy Cundiff to play instead of Matt Prater last week. Cost me 11 points…

Week 7 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Some definite trends are starting to take shape — the overall numbers can and should be used to help determine your fantasy starting lineup and who some plug-n-play candidates are off your league’s waiver wire.

Week 6 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Sorry that I missed a couple of weeks on this, but I had a good excuse. I was on my honeymoon in South Africa. Now that we’ve got five weeks in the books, these numbers have a little more authority to them. The home/road splits are still a bit shallow, but the overall numbers can lend some decent insight.

Week 5 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns