Some interesting data this week, in particular the ability of the Broncos to limit opposing quarterbacks and the Bengals to shut down No. 1 wide receivers. I think Denver is a bit of a mirage considering its competition thus far, but Cincinnati has shut down Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings and Santonio Holmes — not a bad group.

Week 3 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

Week 2 Matchup Breakdowns

September 22, 2009

Now through two weeks of the season, a few trends have started to take shape. It’s interesting to compare the below spreadsheet with last year’s final numbers to see which teams are¬†improving, getting worse, or remaining consistent. The home and road splits mean little at this point, but by midseason should have a bit of value.

Week 2 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

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Twins 5, Indians 4

September 16, 2009

Joe Nathan made it interesting in the ninth, but the Twins managed to pull within 4 1/2 games of the Tigers with 18 left to play, including seven against Detroit. Here’s the link to my game story…

Week 1 Matchup Breakdown

September 15, 2009

Week 1 2009 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

As promised, here’s the fantasy points allowed by defenses by position after Week 1. For those of you new to this weekly feature on Punting Baxter during the NFL season, I use a PPR scoring system to crunch the numbers. Here’s the exact breakdown: 4 points per passing TD, 6 points per rushing and receiving TD, 1 point per reception, .02 pts per passing yard, .05 points per rushing/receiving yard, -1 for interceptions.

I’ve toyed with the idea of adding additional scoring systems, but the demand hasn’t been there yet. If enough people are interested in others (non-PPR would be the first I’d do), I may add it later in the year.

Keep in mind, these numbers won’t mean much for another couple of weeks — once there are more games played, the numbers start to show trends a bit more.

Week 1 Spotlight

September 11, 2009

I wrote the Week 1 Spotlight for this week, which featured the Bills vs. Patriots Monday night preview. Not sure if you need a subscription to see this or not, but either way here’s the link.

Lynx 75, Shock 72

September 10, 2009

The Lynx kept their playoff hopes alive with a victory on Wednesday night.

Stay tuned for fantasy football updates, including the defensive fantasy points allowed weekly chart I did last season starting after Week 1.