Considering Mike Vick’s two rushing touchdowns on Monday night, now is a good time to remind folks who use this worksheet that QB rushing scores are NOT calculated in QB fantasy points against since only a select few quarterbacks run the football in goal line circumstances, and even fewer run in non-goal line situations.

Week 10 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

These numbers get more useful every week, and now there is a large enough sample size that the home and road splits are at least a little helpful — although who teams played at home or on the road still has a lot to do with the averages.

Week 9 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns

I calculated the London game between San Fran and Denver as a road game for both teams, FYI. Neutral would’ve made more sense, but I didn’t want to make a new column just for one game.

Week 8 2010 NFL Matchup Breakdowns